Access to CIMA-Q resources

Approval by the CIMA-Q bank user access committee is required to access the collected data (LORIS), biological material or volunteers recruited from the CIMA-Q cohort. Applications are reviewed based on the applicant’s acceptance of CIMA-Q regulations, the study feasibility and scientific validity, and benefits for the CIMA-Q Databank. The request must be submitted before the 15th of each month to: and The required forms are available on this page.

1. Request for access to the CIMA-Q Bank

  • To submit an access request, you have to be a CIMA-Q Member (see Membership section)
  • Fill the CIMA-Q Databank access request template (ANNEXE K) and attach all the requested / relevant additional documents (including your ethical approval*).

* If you do not have ethical approval for the submitted project, prepare your request for approval for the Ethics Committee for research on Aging and Neuroimaging (CER VN), (Form to be completed at the following address:

When you receive your conditional approval from the CIMA-Q Bank Access Committee, you can send your request to the CER VN by attaching a copy of the conditional approval letter from the access committee.

  • Read and sign the CIMA-Q Bank User Agreements: APPENDIX B1 (DATA), and / or B2 (Bio material) and / or APPENDIX H (Participants) and submit with your request.
  • Submit your request to the User Access Committee before the 15th of the month for evaluation during their monthly meeting at the end of the month at the following address:

2- Evaluation of your access request by the User Access Committee

The access committee meets every last Tuesday of the month. Three status can be issued by the committee following the review of your access request.


ACCESS GRANTED When an access request is accepted by the committee, it will be directly submitted to the CIMA-Q Executive Committee for final approval.

ACCESS GRANTED WITH CONDITIONS (additional documents to be submitted or change to be made) If the request is accepted with conditions, you must then submit to the following addresses:, andreanne.loiselle@crchudequebec.ulaval et in order to complete your access request file:

  • Submit the requested supplementary documents if applicable.
  • Submit your revised access request (Appendix K) if applicable.

3- FINAL APPROVAL issued by the CIMA-Q Executive Committee
A letter (email) will be issued by the Executive Committee to confirm the final approval.


Data Bank

Biological material **
Contact: et
**Available for CIMA-Q Quebec members only, but can be granted as part of a collaboration

Bank of participants