In March 2020, CIMA-Q agreed to reallocate part of its resources to contribute to a research project initiated by Dr. Jean-Philippe Gouin who is affiliated with the department of psychology at Concordia University and the IUGM research center in Montreal. This research project aimed at documenting the psychological consequences of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic. Participants in this project will be recruited from existing cohorts (such as that of CIMA-Q), patient’s associations mailing lists and through social media.

SARS-C0V-2 (Image par CDC on Unsplash)
Image par CDC sur Unsplash

This Project’s objective is to assess the population’s understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic and its health behaviors, social relationships, daily activities, sleep, mood and stress reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also document these elements in seniors at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and assess the effect of isolation on the cognition of seniors.

Over the next few weeks, the CIMA-Q team will contact its cohort participants to offer to participate in this project. Those who accept will be invited to answer 2 telephone interviews of approximately 45 minutes at 2 different times: during the pandemic period and 3 months after the government recommendations for social distancing linked to COVID-19 will be lifted.

With this project, the researchers hope to be able to provide immediate recommendations for public health interventions targeting, among others, the elderly, with the objective of reducing psychological distress during this period of isolation and other periods of isolation.


Since the research center staff members have been in telework mode since the start of containment, calls to participants will be made from their personal phones. If you are part of the CIMA-Q project cohort, do not be surprised to receive a call from a number which is unknown to you and which is not a telephone number affiliated with the research center.


Project title:Psychological consequences of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic
Principal investigators :

Jean-Philippe Gouin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Chronic Stress and Health
Department of Psychology
Concordia University

Sébastien Grenier M.Ps., Ph.D.
Associate Professor (under grant)
Department of Psychology
Université de Montréal
Director of Laboratoire d’Étude sur l’Anxiété et la Dépression
gÉRiatrique (LEADER)
Centre de Recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal

Co-researchers and collaborators :Sylvie Belleville, Ph.D.
Carol Hudon, Ph.D.
Serge Gauthier, M.D.
Nancy Vasil, M.D.
Ethics Committee :This project has been approved by the Ethics Committee for Aging and Neuroimaging (CER VN).
The project number is CER VN 20-21-04.
You can reach the coordinator of the Ethics Committee who approved the scientific quality of this project at the following coordinates:
Mrs. Karima Bekhiti, at 514 527.9565extension 3223 or by email at the following address :
CIMA-Q Project coordinator