The Consortium for the Early Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease (CIMA-Q) brings together more than 90 Quebec researchers and clinicians who share the common goal of advancing knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease. More specifically, our mission is to develop tools to detect the first signs of its appearance. The early identification of Alzheimer’s disease greatly increases the likelihood of successful interventions, thus improving the quality of life for seniors struggling with this terrible condition   … read more

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(2021-11-04) The co-director of CIMA-Q, Dr. Sylvie Belleville, received from the Academic Council of the University of Mons the title of doctor honoris causa for her contribution to scientific advances in the field of psychology.

(2021-05-25) An abnormally high activity in certain areas of the brain, in particular the hippocampus and the parietal lobe, would be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals at risk, suggests the work of Nick Corriveau-Lecavalier, a doctoral student at the time of research, and Sylvie Belleville, laboratory director at the University Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal and professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Montreal.