Become a member of CIMA-Q

CIMA-Q members benefit from expertise with CIMA-Q Principal Investigators, will be informed of scientific training activities. In addition, members will be invited to scientific symposia to engage in knowledge transfer activities. The Consortium has established the following categories of members:

Quebec researcher – regular member

A regular member must be an independent researcher, in accordance with the FRQS definition, and who is actively engaged in research on aging and / or neurodegenerative diseases. Membership is valid for three years and is renewable. A regular member will be authorized to deposit and retrieve data from the CIMA-Q (LORIS data storage site) and can deposit or access biological samples from the appropriate sample bank, in accordance with the Data Access Policy.

Quebec researcher – associate member

An associate member may be in one of the following categories: A clinician or other health professional, a research associate, a research assistant or a research officer involved in the research activities of CIMA- Q who is not recognized as an independent researcher according to the FRQS definition and who has been involved in research projects on aging or neurodegenerative diseases for at least one year; or an independent researcher who is not actively engaged in research on aging or neurodegenerative diseases but who wishes to develop activities in these areas.

Trainee student member

A student (trainee) can become a CIMA-Q member (1) if he or she is actively enrolled in a master’s, doctoral or postdoctoral program, or (2) if he or she is a resident in medicine or (3) another health professional enrolled in a research training program related to the field of aging or neurodegeneration and under the supervision of a regular member of the Consortium.